Star of the Partizan Tennis Club –  Future Tennis Gem

She started playing tennis at the age of 4 just like Novak Djokovic and two years before Monica Selesh.

Belgrade-born Nina Peshich was born on October 3, 2013, four decades after the tennis star from Novi Sad, Monika Selesh.
Her father Dejan trained for the first six months, after that her father took her he to Partizan tennis club with the famous coach Zaga Aleksandrich.
Coach Zaga, a well-known Yugoslav and Serbian coach, recognized for her system of creating excellent tennis players, including Novak Djokovich, recognizes Nina Peshich as a new tennis pearl and because of her speed, strength and dexterity , after only a month of training she places her in an advanced group at the tennis school.

On the tennis court Nina is focused, patient, interested, lively, confident, sharp-witted, persistent, passionate and with great confidence. Nina Peshich is persistent, diligent, responsible, cooperative with coaches.
Outside the tennis court, Nina is an extremely mature, smart and eloquent child. In communication, Nina is honest and kind, cheerful and grateful, sociable, sincere as all children, optimistic, meticulous, with good taste and broad interests in tennis but also outside of sports. In her first interview with our TV station, Nina Peshich will tell us when and how she started playing tennis.

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