Zvezda Partizana Nina Pešić: svetski teniski dragulj

Recently a new name appeared in the string of tennis pearls of Serbia: Nina Pesic. A year ago Nina started training tennis at Tennis Club Partizan with coach ZAGA ALEKSANDRIC. It can be said that Nina, with her talent and diligent training will continue great tradition in Tennis Club Partizan of producing tennis talents like Sonja Pozeg Dalipagic, Ana Ivanovic, Bojana Jovanovski, Jelena Gencic, Monika Seles, Jelena Jankovic, Olga Danilovic and others who were initially noted to become top tennis players and national team players in the younger categories.

Nina Pesic was born on 3rd of October 2013.  She was taken to Partizan by her father Dejan with the support of her mother, Irina. First of all, with the desire to live a healthy, sporting life style and to develop good work habits and discipline. Immediately after her first training sessions, her trainer Zaga Alexandric recognized talent for tennis in Nina.

Of course, it is still early to tell which way Nina’s tennis career will develop, but as a young child she definitely catches lots of attention on the tennis courts, because one rarely sees a child who is only 5 years old and already has a very good tennis technique as well as concentration and physical fitness for long and demanding tennis workouts.

Nina has the support of her parents, as well as the older brothers Nikola and Sasha and her younger brother Njegos.



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